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Loan against your IWC watch with one of the UK’s leading luxury pawnbrokers. Whether you are the owner of an IWC Pilot watch, Portofino watch or any other IWC watch model, we can offer you an accurate valuation and competitive quote today.

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Getting Your IWC Watch to Us

We offer several options:


Bring your IWC watch(s) into one of our London stores today. You are welcome to book an appointment with our expert appraisers and they will be ready to meet you when you arrive.

Courier Service

Use our free and insured Special Delivery courier service to send your IWC watch(s) to us, or we can send our courier to you to collect your watch(s). Receive money in 24 – 48 hours from your home.

Staff Collection

Have your high value IWC watch(s) collected by one of our staff members at a convenient time and place for you.

Home Visit

For high value IWC watches, our specialists can come to you to value your luxury assets.

Valuing Your IWC Watch

Our highly trained specialists consider many factors when valuing your IWC watch to ensure we provide you with the most accurate and up to date valuation. The most important factors are:


IWC watches can increase in value over time. A marriage of American engineering and Swiss craftsmanship, the Pilot models can attract especially favourable loan estimates if you are considering pawning your IWC watch.

Age and Condition

With the first IWC watch made in 1868, we provide valuations on IWCs that might be over a century old. While age may not detract from a high valuation, we also scrutinise the condition. While some wear and tear is inevitable, significant scratches or restoration marks can affect our valuation.


We can still provide you with a loan estimate if you only have the IWC watch itself. However, the original box and any connected papers or certificate of sale can dramatically increase our valuation.

Market Value

IWC timepieces are often in high demand, with some models – the Pilot watch – known to set records at auction. Our valuation looks at the individual watch but also takes into account recent IWC sale and auction documentation to provide the most accurate valuation.

We also check your watch against loss and stolen registers as part of our due diligence.

Looking After Your IWC Watch


If you use our courier service to have your IWC watch(s) collected from your home or you send your items to us, they will be insured up to £10,000 during transportation.

If your IWC watch is of high value and you use our staff collection service, your items will also be insured up to £100,000 during transportation.


Whilst your IWC watch(s) is with us to be valued by our specialists or if your item is under loan with us, it is stored in protective packaging in our highly secure vaults.


When your IWC watch(s) is with us, we take every step necessary to look after your luxury valuables. Our valuation specialists and inventory managers handle your IWC watch(s) with care to make sure your luxury valuables are returned to you in the same condition we received them in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why IWC watches are so expensive?

The craftsmanship on IWC watches can leave other luxury brands far behind. Not only are IWC timepieces visually stunning, but the mechanical attention to detail is breath-taking. IWC watches bring together excellence in watchmaking complications and engineering finesse.

Can I sell used a used IWC watch?

Yes, you can sell your IWC watch to Suttons and Robertsons. If you don’t want to pawn your IWC watch, our experts can provide you with a purchase offer.

Are IWC watches good quality?

IWC watches are some of the best quality watches in the world and the brand is most famous for its pilot or aviation watches and use of titanium material. It’s pilot watches fall into five categories: Classic, Spitfire, Top Gun, Le Petit Prince, and Antoine de Saint Exupery. Some of the Le Petit Prince models feature illustrations from the classic children’s book.

What luxury assets do you offer loans against?

We are a high-end pawnbroker specialising in offering instant, fast loans against watches, jewellery, diamonds, gold, fine art, antiques, classic and luxury cars, handbags, rare books, sports memorabilia and other luxury items.

Are IWC watches worth the money?

IWC watches are thought to be superb investments that can generate generous pawn valuations. This is often because IWC watches are made in very limited numbers and the market demand is, therefore, often high.

How much does IWC watch cost?

While a new Portofino Chronograph or Aquatimer Automatic might set you back around £5,000, a classic or in-demand IWC watch could fetch many more times that at auction, with the IWC Siderale Scafusia capable of taking over £500,000.

Is IWC better than Rolex?

Rolex is considered to be the best watch brand in the world, so on the surface, it appears that Rolex would edge ahead of IWC. Nevertheless, the IWC brand has been making watches before Rolex even existed and certain IWC models, like II Destriero Scafusia – the most complicated wristwatch ever made – has fetched up to $1m in 2000.

What watch brands do you lend against?

We lend against many watch brands including but not limited to RolexPatek PhilippeCartier, Vacheron, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Frank Muller, IWCOmegaBreitling, Panerai, Audemars Piguet and Hublot.

Loan Rates


All our loans are for 6 months and are secured against your valuables. Maximum APR (including all fees): 93.21%. No minimum payment term. Maximum payment term: up to 6 months. These loans are redeemable at any point during the loan period without any penalty.

Representative Example

Loan amount of £1,000. Loan term of 6 months. Interest rate of 6% per month. Total interest of £360 over 6 months. Total repayable amount in one instalment is £1,360. Representative APR is 84.96% (including all fees).

Risk Warning: If the loan is not repaid, the assets may be sold.

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