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Looking to Sell Your Cartier Watch? We Always Aim to Offer You the Best Price Possible

We buy Cartier watch models ranging from the Cartier Santos to the Cartier Tank or Cartier Ballon Bleu. So if you are looking to find out how much your Cartier watch is worth, contact us today for a free instant valuation.

Why Sell Your Cartier Watch To Us

Fast Receive money in as little as an hour, online or in-store.
Competitive Accurate valuations and purchase offers.
Expert Trusted watch specialist for over 250 years.

How to Sell Your Cartier Watch


Contact Us

Get in touch with us online,
in-store or by phone.


Accept Offer

Receive your purchase offer from our
specialists in as little as 1 hour.


Receive Money

Accept the purchase offer and receive
the money via same-day bank transfer.

Getting Your Cartier Watch to Us

We offer several options:


Bring your Cartier watch into one of our London stores today. You are welcome to book an appointment with our expert appraisers and they will be ready to meet you when you arrive.

Courier Service

Use our free and insured Special Delivery courier service to send your Cartier watch to us, or we can send our courier to you to collect your Cartier watch. Receive money in 24 – 48 hours from your home.

Staff Collection

Have your high value Cartier watches collected by one of our staff members at a convenient time and place for you.

Home Visit

For high value Cartier watches, our specialists can come to you to value your luxury assets.

Valuing Your Cartier Watch

Our highly trained specialists consider many factors when valuing your Cartier watch to ensure we provide you with the most accurate and up to date valuation. The most important factors are:


The value of your Cartier watch can vary considerably depending on this. Knowing the model and serial number will help us provide you with a quotation faster.


Cartier watches are made of either stainless steel, gold or platinum. If your Cartier watch is made of gold or platinum, look for the hallmark stamped on your watch as this certifies the purity (9 – 24 carats).


If you have a certificate of sale or any papers that record information about your Cartier watch, this adds value. If you have lost or misplaced them, don’t worry, we will still be able to provide you with an estimate.


We understand that over time your Cartier watch might have some wear and tear damage, though any significant dents, scratches or other damage can impact the value.


The age of your Cartier watch can have a positive or negative impact on value. Contemporary and modern Cartier watches tend to have a higher value when they are newer. Vintage Cartier watches are valued on rarity and condition.

Looking After Your Cartier Watch


If you use our courier service to have your Cartier watch collected from your home or you send your items to us, it will be insured up to £20,000 during transportation.

If your Cartier watch is of high value and you use our staff collection service, your items will also be insured up to £100,000 during transportation.


Whilst your Cartier watch is with us to be valued by our specialists, it is stored in protective packaging in our highly secure vaults.

Get In Touch Today

Call us now on 0800 038 9839 or contact us online.


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