Sell My Watch in London

Sell my watch in London to a trustworthy watch buyer for instant cash

If you want to sell your luxury watch in London, then we can offer instant cash for your item. As trusted and reliable pawnbrokers since 1770, Suttons and Robertsons is expert in the purchase of preowned luxury watches.

Why Sell Your Watch to Us

Fast Our quick, but accurate, valuation service means that you could look forward to the money in cash or in your account in under 24 hours.
Competitive We offer superb valuations on your luxury watch for sale – we take our pricing from recent auctions for accuracy.
Expert Working with luxury watches on a daily basis means that we appreciate the value held in the watch you want to sell.

How to Sell Your Watch


Contact Us

Visit in-store, email or call us
to discuss the sale of your
watch today.


Accept Offer

We can offer you a valuation of
your luxury watch in as little as 1 hour.


Receive Money

Accept the offer and receive
the money via same-day bank transfer.

Your Options

Visit us in-store

We’ll be delighted to welcome you in-store, in one of our London stores. Simply bring your luxury watch – along with any certification paperwork and original boxing – for valuation. Book an appointment by calling 0800 038 9839 and our team will greet you on arrival.

Phone us

You can sell your luxury watch with Suttons and Robertsons even if you live outside London, or are tight on time. Simply call us on Suttons & Robertsons on 0800 038 9839 and we can discuss your watch and consider a valuation.


We offer online valuations. Simply visit our live chat option or complete the quick online form to start the valuation process.

Sell Your Watch for Instant Cash in London

If you’re wondering ‘where you can I sell my watch for cash in London’, then Suttons and Robertsons is the trusted brand that you’re looking for. As reputable and reliable pawnbrokers since 1770, we have been offering buy, sell, loan services on luxury watches down through the years and we know their value inside and out. You are welcome to visit us in-store, or you might be thinking about where to ‘sell my watch online for cash’ – we offer online valuations and deliver a quick turnaround.

London’s Pre-Owned Watch Experts

As pawnbrokers with over 250 years’ experience, we are skilled experts in valuing luxury watches. Whether you have got a much-loved Cartier Tank, Omega Seamaster, Rolex Submariner or Patek Philippe, we have an in-depth knowledge of many luxury makes and models – we understand what makes each and every watch special and we offer valuations based on the craftsmanship, provenance and condition.

Frequently Asked Questions on Selling Your Watch

What watch brands do you buy?

At Suttons and Robertsons, we offer purchase valuations for all luxury watches. Pre-owned luxury watches are highly sought-after and we can help you to release the value that is held within your watch. We work with the best-selling and most-recognised luxury watch brands in the world and welcome requests for valuations, in particular, on:

Where can I sell my luxury watch for cash near me?

If you are thinking of selling your watch for cash, then Suttons and Robertsons can help regardless of where you are in the UK. Our London stores are open for valuation appointments, but we also offer online valuations or we can discuss your watch valuation by phone.

Should I sell or loan against my luxury watch?

There are advantages and disadvantages of pawning and selling your luxury watch so it depends on your situation and preference.

Selling your watch

The main advantage of selling your watch is that you will not need to make any loan repayments and the cash is yours. However, selling your watch is a final and permanent transaction which means you will not be able to get the watch back after the transaction is completed.

Pawning your watch

The main advantage of pawning your watch is that you will only temporarily lose access to your watch as you are securing a short term loan against the value of your watch. This is a great option if your watch has sentimental value and you want to retain ownership.

You will usually receive a higher cash amount by selling your watch rather than securing a loan against your watch. This is because when you pawn your watch, you receive a percentage, typically between 50% to 70%, of the value of the luxury watch.

Suttons and Robertsons purchase luxury watches and loan against luxury watches. Please contact us for a quote today.

How much will I get for my watch in London?

When looking for a place to sell your watch for cash, Suttons and Robertsons will be delighted to offer you a no-obligation valuation. Highly skilled and knowledgeable in the world of luxury watches, the team look at several different factors before offering a valuation figure. When working with brands, such as Rolex and Patek Phillipe, our experts will examine the make and model of the watch as a rare model can have a huge impact on the eventual valuation. We will also look at recent auction prices for guidance of how these watches are currently performing.

We will then look at the material that the watch is made from. Many luxury watch makers can change metals from watch to watch to create more interesting collections, which can impact the valuation. We will take into account the watches condition and it can be very helpful, from the point of view of authenticity and provenance, if the watch comes supplied with its original box and any paperwork related to its sale.

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