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We will look at every aspect of your Tiffany piece so that we can offer you the best price for your jewellery. As well as considering the prestige of the brand, we also welcome certification and the original Tiffany box. which is such an integral part of the Tifanny experience.

Why Sell Your Tiffany Jewellery to Us

Fast We can help you unlock the value in your Tiffany jewellery in 24 hours.
Competitive Our team understand the current Tiffany pricing so that they will give you the best price possible.
Expert With in-depth knowledge of Tiffany jewellery, our valuation reflects the brand’s reputation.
Professional The team at Suttons and Robertsons offers discrete, personal customer service.

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London's Luxury Jewellers & Pawnbrokers

Behind London's oldest, active pawnbroking business and jewellers, Suttons & Robertsons, is a team of highly skilled jewellery experts who are able to offer accurate valuations whether you’re selling second-hand luxury jewellery or have a high value asset for a secured loan. Buying luxury watches in London since 1770, Suttons and Robertsons can count on centuries of experience and are highly regarded as a trusted and reputable pawnbrokers and jewellers. The team seeks to offer each and every client the best valuation for their piece, whether it be a Rolex Submariner, a Chanel J12 watch or a Tiffany solitaire engagement ring. Specialised and knowledgeable, Suttons and Robertsons deliver a prestigious, discrete service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Tiffany Jewellery

How to get the most money for your second hand Tiffany jewellery?

As jewellery experts, Suttons and Robertsons could be the best place in the UK to sell your Tiffany jewellery, but ensuring that you have the original box and any certification or registration documents will help to increase your valuation.

Where is the best place to sell your Tiffany jewellery?

If you’re thinking of selling Tiffany jewellery, a pawn shop may not be your first thought as the best place to sell Tiffany jewellery; however, it means that you will be working with a team of professionals that value high-end luxury value on a daily basis. The team at Suttons and Robertsons know exactly what they’re looking for when they value Tiffany jewellery.

Where to sell second hand Tiffany jewellery?

While there are many jewellery stores that sell Tiffany jewellery, not all of them will sell old Tiffany jewellery. We are delighted to sell second hand tiffany jewellery and can help you to release the value of your pieces and make sure that the money arrives in your account in as little 24 hours.

Which Tiffany jewellery collections are the most popular?

There is a huge market for second hand Tiffany jewellery- that’s why we know your Tiffany jewellery has a good resale value. All collections are beloved by Tiffany collectors across the world, but Return to Tiffany, Tiffany Hardware, Tiffany T and Tiffany’s Elsa Peretti collections are extremely popular.

What Tiffany jewellery do we buy?

We will always have buyers for second hand Tiffany jewellery and we welcome anyone who is wondering ‘should I sell my Tiffany ring’ or is there anywhere I can sell Tiffany jewellery near me. You can visit us in-store or call us by phone. We buy Tiffany earrings, necklaces, bracelets, engagement rings, wedding rings and necklaces. If it’s Tiffany, we’d like to see it.

Is my second hand Tiffany jewellery worth a lot of money?

At Suttons & Robertsons, we always consider Tiffany jewellery a solid investment. A strong brand, Tiffany creates a high-quality product that is synonymous with luxury and class. Vintage Tiffany pieces can secure high valuations, especially if they come with the box and authentication certificate. Contact us for an accurate valuation.

How can you tell if Tiffany jewellery is real?

Tiffany’s sterling is frequently counterfeited, but true Tiffany sterling will feature the mark ‘925’ or the word ‘Sterling’. The 925 mark refers to the percentage grade of the American Sterling Silver Standard, which was initiated in the US by Tiffany & Co themselves. Tiffany will not work on any pieces that they believe to be counterfeit.

Is it worth selling my Tiffany ring?

If you have a Tiffany ring and are thinking about selling it. You can rest assured that Suttons and Robertsons will offer the best price to buy your Tiffany ring. This is due to the extremely high quality of Tiffany diamonds, as the US jewellery brand only uses diamonds with Excellent Cut Grades. This fact alone makes a Tiffany diamond worth the high cost attached.

What services do you offer for Tiffany jewellery?
What branded jewellery do you buy?

We buy jewellery from many different brands including but not limited to:

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