Why Everyone Adores Cartier Love

Feb 28, 2022 | Cartier, Jewellery

The Cartier LOVE bracelet is an exceptional piece of jewellery is one of the most highly searched-for pieces on the internet. Part of a wider collection that includes the Cartier LOVE ring the Cartier LOVE wedding band, the concept behind LOVE is intriguing it sets itself apart from other luxury jewellery. Often luxury jewellery is created to be worn on special occasions – apart from engagement wedding rings, of course – yet LOVE was designed to be worn every day. In fact, it was designed not to be taken off at all. Unless, of course, you have the bewitching little screwdriver that fits the Cartier LOVE lock. Cartier’s YouTube tutorial helps to make the fastening unfastening process a little more straightforward. How can jewellery that takes its inspiration from the chastity belt both look so delightfully stunning be in such high demand?

Precious Metal

The LOVE collection is simple in style designed to be worn by both men women. The Duke Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry Meghan Markle, have matching LOVE bracelets – as did the Duke Duchess of Windsor before them. Cartier thought of everything in the creation of this collection, from offering a choice of thick or thin LOVE bracelet to making the Cartier LOVE ring even more spectacular by studding it with single diamonds or in a pavé style.

The Cartier LOVE bracelet is made in sizes 16 -21, is shaped in an oval has been named the ‘modern love handcuff’. Often made from solid yellow gold, the Cartier LOVE cuff can also be found in platinum, white gold rose gold. The Cartier LOVE bracelet is priced at several thousand pounds, yet Cartier fans well-known celebrities are known to stack them in threes or fours. Better keep those screwdrivers nearby!

Cartier Love to LOVE

The LOVE collection was designed by Aldo Cipullo in his New York workshop presented at Cartier in Paris. Cipullo said of his creation, “What modern people want are love symbols that look semi-permanent—or at least, require a trick to remove. After all, love symbols should suggest an everlasting quality.” With a keen eye on promotion, Cartier gifted several classic couples, including Elizabeth Taylor Richard Burton, Ali McGraw Steve McQueen, with the LOVE bracelet.

Cipullo is believed to take his inspiration for the decorative round screws in the LOVE bracelet ring from visits to the hardware store close to his studio. Also the design mind behind Cartier’s ‘Just un Clou’ collection, which took the form of a circular nail, it seems highly likely.

As you might imagine, rumour myth surround the iconic LOVE collection. It is whispered that, at one time, the Cartier brand banned single customers from buying LOVE bracelets for themselves, only selling them to couples. The LOVE bracelet was instantly popular became so highly sought after, that it was widely copied. To protect against counterfeit, Cartier began to engrave serial numbers on the bracelets.

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