What is a Pawnbroker?

Sep 20, 2021 | Pawnbroking

What is the meaning of a Luxury Pawnbroker in the UK?

At Suttons and Robertsons, we are a world away from this old-fashioned, pre-conceived notion of a pawnshop. Although we are here to help people who may need some financial support with liquidity – for school fees or to invest in a new business, we tend to work in much bigger loan amounts only deal with luxury items, such as Rolexes, high-end luxury brand jewellery, classic cars, fine wine collections – one of today’s most rewarding items to pawn – designer handbags.

Having undergone a total transformation, the pawn industry is now home to the ‘Luxury Pawnbroker’, with a greater number of pawn loans being made against luxury items than ever before people much more likely to trust a reputable luxury pawnbroker, like Suttons and Robertsons, with their valued luxury assets.

The Million Pound Pawn

The value of loans has risen dramatically matches the growth of luxury pawnbrokers. High net worth individuals are often smart financially savvy people they have come to realise the value of leveraging their assets in the short term, while their capital stays tied up in property or the bank.

With increased interest in luxury asset lending, high-end pawnbrokers are now a part of popular culture with television series’ that meet both the pawnbrokers their clients close up. ITV’s ‘Million Pound Pawn’, which was aired in February March 2021, took viewers behind the scenes at Suttons and Robertsons to offer an insight into how a high-end pawnbroker works. The programme shone a light on the lengths that high-end pawnbrokers go to get highly accurate valuations so that clients can decide how they would like to move forward.

This three-part ITV series is also available on the ITV Hub shares the stories of both high-net-worth individuals ordinary people with extraordinary assets who turn to a high-end highly knowledgeable expert pawnbroker for reliable insightful valuations on their luxury assets.

As well as meeting many different types of people, Million Pound Pawn also explored those people who want to sell to a high-end pawnbroker, rather than simply take an asset-secured loan.

Is a Luxury Pawnbroker for me?

At Suttons and Robertsons, our team is incredibly respectful to everyone that comes to us for a valuation, whether it’s the first time we meet them or someone we’ve loaned to for years. We are deeply appreciative of the trust that people are putting in us the figures assets that we are dealing with. While we may offer loans of wedding rings – as in the old-style pawnbrokers – it is more likely that we’d be offering valuations on Tiffany solitaire engagement rings, necklaces from Boodles, bracelets from Cartier watches from Omega Rolexes. We also welcome valuation requests on fine wine rare whisky collections, yachts classic cars as well as works of art sculpture.

How Do Pawnbrokers Work?

There are several ways we can proceed with a valuation: offer several options:

  • In-store – Bring your items(s) into one of our London pawn shops today.
  • Courier Collection – Have your item(s) collected receive your money within 24 – 48 hours from the comfort of your home.
  • Staff Collection – Have your high value item(s) collected by one of our staff members at a convenient time place for you.
  • Home Visit – For high value loans, our specialists can come to you to value your item(s).

The Suttons and Robertsons website is also a great online resource full of information, articles contact details.

Which Luxury Goods do we Lend Against as High-End Pawnbrokers?

We do, sometimes, see sports cars masterpieces, but it is much more likely that we will be asked to give a valuation on luxury watches (£1000+), diamond rings jewellery, gold including gold coins rings, silver including silver tea services silver coins antique jewellery. Please do give us a call for a quick chat if you’re unsure about your item. Our team will be only too happy to assist.

High-End Pawn Shops in London

Looking for high-end pawnbrokers in London? Suttons and Robertsons have stores across London. Get in touch with us today view our store opening times.

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