The History of Boucheron

In the world of antique jewellery, Boucheron is a highly regarded brand held in high esteem along with Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels and Cartier. Boucheron are known for their bold, freestyle pieces which are highly sought after in the antique jewellery and watch market.


The House of Boucheron is a French family dynasty founded by Frederic Boucheron in 1858. When they originally opened their first store in the Galerie de Valois in Paris, they only sold jewellery made by other makers. In 1866, a good 8 years later, Boucheron opened their first workshop and won a gold medal for design the following year.

Boucheron continued to go from strength to strength, opening a store in Moscow in 1893 which they subsequently moved to Saint Petersburg in 1911. In 1903, they opened a store in London and an office in New York. More store openings followed in Japan in 1973, Shanghai and Dubai in 2005 and Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur in 2006.

Reflet Watches

In 1947, Boucheron created the Reflet watch which is renowned for its elegantly simple lines and curved rectangular casing that reflects light. The slide fasteners and interchangeable strap mean the appearance can be changed, making the Reflet watch a unique piece.

Boucheron has always embraced the style of the era and with the Reflet watch, they embraced the style of the Art Deco movement which has proved to be popular with women. Their stainless-steel models with replaceable wristband and cabochon sapphires are in high demand in the antique watch market.

Modern Times

Unlike many jewellery houses and watchmakers of the past, Boucheron has navigated the modern world well. This is mainly due to smart hiring decisions, focus on customer service and importantly their internet sales.

Boucheron now have 34 boutiques worldwide and has had a successful e-commerce business since 2007. In 2011, the company appointed Claire Choisne as Creative Director and they saw their total sales reach €50 million the same year.

What Is My Boucheron Piece Worth?

Many retail customers own Boucheron pieces such as the Reflet watch from the 1920s and the market for these vintage pieces remains strong today. The value of your Boucheron piece depends on many factors including the age, condition, material, gemstones and provenance.

If you have own a Boucheron piece, our highly trained specialists have extensive knowledge of the antique jewellery and watch market and we can provide you with a free valuation. If you are looking for an alternative to selling, our pawnbroking loans allow you to release the equity in your Boucheron piece whilst retaining ownership during the loan.