ITV’s Million Pound Pawn

Feb 17, 2021 | Pawnbroking

We Featured in ITV’s TV Show, Million Pound Pawn

Watch all three episodes of the 1st series of Million Pound Pawn on ITV Hub now.

Million Pound Pawn goes behind the scenes at Suttons and Robertsons, providing an insight into the day-to-day runnings of a high-end pawnbroker.

Series Overview

From helicopters to houseboats, designer watches to the family jewels, people across the country are sitting on a veritable gold mine of assets, many are turning to Britain’s pawnbrokers to help transform their prized possessions into cash.

This fascinating new three-part ITV series opens the door to this fast moving industry, telling the story of people with incredible assets the eye-watering stakes at play.

From the well-heeled entrepreneur looking for business funding, to the Mum looking to fund medical treatment, we unearth the real life stories behind those walking through the pawnbroker’s door how much they are hoping to raise by parting with their valuables.

Customers generally borrow money from a pawnbroker but they can also sell their assets with each transaction we will learn about the rare sometimes unusual items, what their real value is ultimately whether the price is right to seal the deal.

With unforgettable characters, heart-warming stories an array of incredible assets, this series will reveal the emotional financial stakes at play in the world of pawnbroking.

Items Featuring on the Show

  • Genuine Fake Rolex watches
  • A Patek Philippe watch valued at £85,000
  • Helicopters to houseboats
  • Luxury designer handbags
  • A Lamborghini Rolls Royce

An Interview with Suttons and Robertsons CEO, Jim Tannahill

How has Covid-19 the changing economic climate affected Pawnbroking?

We have been able to trade throughout as we have been a financial service, although we have adapted in that we have been conducting transactions remotely. Our clients can pay via bank transfer. For new loans people can send their items we transfer the funds. We have been providing a courier service have even collected ourselves in certain circumstances.

What might a typical day involve?

There is paperwork, phones ringing, items to research, but what you are always waiting for is someone to bring in something special.

What’s the most expensive item you’ve had through your doors?

I have been lucky enough to see watch collections with single pieces being worth over £250,000 including a rare Patek Philippe Grand Complication pocket watch. But the most expensive item came from a collection of diamonds that included a natural blue diamond worth £500,000+.

What’s the most unusual item you’ve bought or sold?

We had a painting of the “Rumble in the Jungle” heavyweight title fight between Muhammad Ali George Foreman, painted by Muhammed Ali himself. One of our more recent enquiries has been someone wanting to borrow on a large black diamond fashioned as a Falcon.

What does it take to be a great pawnbroker?

It is important that you treat everyone respectfully, first-time clients are often apprehensive you want to put them at ease build trust, we are dealing with their valuables it is important that we let the clients know this. If there is no mutual trust, then building a relationship is difficult.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Every day you never know what might be brought in, it is always a pleasure to be trusted to look closely at people’s prized possessions.

Why did you become a pawnbroker?

I joined Suttons and Robertsons when I was 18 as a trainee enjoyed my job so much that I am still with the same company.

Borrow Against Your Luxury Assets

At Suttons and Robertsons, we accept items of value as security against a pawnbroking loan are pleased to specialise in luxury branded high-value items. These may include watches, jewellery, antiques, fine art luxury classic cars.

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