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Jul 9, 2020 | Classic Cars

We live in an age where those with a classic car with a diesel or petrol engine may soon find they are unable to drive it or ship it anywhere. London has an ever-growing low-emission zone, planning to ban diesel engines by 2025. Telsa, the maker of new wave electrics, had a stock boom of 40% in a single week, based on news of their expansion into commercial vehicles. Even China is considering a ban on the production sale of diesel engines. While this may affect only new cars, being able to drive your classic is surely half the fun. As we see the world slowly changing away from diesel petrol engines, it is also a time of solutions.

Electric Conversions

With the advancement of technology, replacing an old diesel or petrol engine is becoming easier than ever before more affordable. With the advent of 3d printing, the engine bays of classic cars can be scanned, a custom-designed printed engine can be installed to make use of the often smaller space. A semi-classic car such as a 1974 VW Beetle can be bought on eBay for £4,500, converted then sold. A second-hand or “recycled” car is much better for the environment than a new car.

Triumph: E-GT6 Coupe

The classic car as an investment asset is a thing that brings you joy also goes up in value year in year out. Right now, that is true still, but it will start to change as different countries start to ban petrol diesel engines. Some, like China, will only apply this to new cars, some countries may have exceptions for cars of a certain age, but right now, it is an ever-shrinking window.

It is hard to ship classic cars from different countries due to different regulations standards, this will only get harder as an engine made in the 1960s is asked to pass modern tests.

Is it Still Classic?

While the retrofitted EV might look amazing, the question is, “are they still classic,” in the eyes of the law, they are. A 1970s car retrofitted with a new engine can still be registered keep its number plate, but as an investment, is it worth more or less? Once again, we come down to money, if you never want to sell your car, then its resale price matter a lot lessThe question remains for the owner, do you want a car that can drive, leaves no smog or oil, needs no petrol can be insured? Or something that increases in price but has a shrinking resale market.

Some fanatics might say it is not a true classic, but that will change. We are headed to a world of electric engines, I, for one, would love to see the classic car make a resurgence. A drive down Havana road of Cuba gives a glimpse of what it could be like, just without the smog.

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