Do I Need an Art Advisor?

It may seem like it belongs to the realm of the super wealthy, to have you own art buyer. Yet with the new energized market, the access to online buyers and curators and advances in shipping it has never been more affordable to get an expert to help. Hiring a buyer exclusively may well be out of the question, but if you had £5,000 pounds to invest in artwork what would you do? Would you buy classic or contemporary. Do you go for an existing or an emerging artist? This is when a curator will help.

Saatchi gallery – Art advisory

The famous Saatchi gallery in London has done a lot since 2007 to develop online and to promote the work of emerging artists. They offer a free service, where they will select from over 60,000 artists worldwide. There are no fees and they charge the same as if you found the artists directly, they will give 30 options based on your tastes, space size and aim to suit your goals, this is an investor service and they aim to get you paintings that will appreciate in value.

They have five curators on staff to help you and can be found at, also if you are an interior designer or in the trade you will be able to access discounts on purchases. They also offer commissioned works and of course global shipping.

Maddox Art Gallery:

The Maddox is a network of galleries in the UK and they also offer an “Art Advisory”. If you are serious about investing in art. These are the people to contact. They have specialist curators who will help you with investing in both blue-chip artwork and that of emerging artists. They will offer consultation, finding out your experience, risk appetite and such and also offer portfolio management.

Unlike others who will only guide you of when to buy, they will help you, in deciding when is a good time to sell, based on market trends, demand for the artist, or up coming auctions of their other works. This is a full-service solution.              

This London based business, provides a free match making service between you and the artist. They also offer a great trade discount and offer for interior designers and trade buyers a specialist service. They can suggest artwork that will match your interiors, or help you in your taste and style. This is more for the homeowner and person who wants some great artwork for their own and needs some guidance to find the right thing.

Arthaus have a network of contacts. With artists, galleries and curators. They will able to source some excellent artwork for you.

If you are thinking of investing in artwork and you are lucky enough to live in london, the Saatchi gallery has done more than anyone to promote the field. If you want to find out about new artists and who is the best to invest in, do contact them.

Suttons and Robertson have access to talented curators and experts who can offer you an Art loan against your modern or classic artwork.

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