• How Rolex Survived World War Two

    Hans Wilsdorf – The Exceptional Man Behind Rolex Hans Wilsdorf moved to London in 1904, bringing with him Wilsdorf and Davis watchmakers. Feeling uncomfortably Germanic during World War I, Wilsdorf relocated his business to Geneva and changed the name to The Rolex Watch Company Ltd in 1915. Wilsdorf and the team at Rolex spent the […]

  • Valuing Diamonds – What Determines Their Worth?

    A diamond’s value depends on many factors and, as London pawnbrokers since 1770, the Suttons and Robertsons’ diamond specialists know exactly what they’re looking to see in a gemstone. We can offer you a loan against your jewellery collection and have over 250 years of experience, if you are seeking to pawn a diamond ring, […]

  • The Paul Newman Rolex Daytona

    Why Paul Newman’s Daytona Rolex Could Be The Watch of a Century It’s hard to understand how just one man could make such a difference to the value of a watch, but that’s exactly what happened when Paul Newman’s Daytona sold at auction for $17.8m in 2013. We might be more accustomed to seeing watches […]

  • The Rolex Warranty Card – Extra Value

    When purchasing a Rolex, it can be tempting to be swept away by the genius and craftsmanship of the timepiece itself. However, this is Rolex and every single part of the purchase is important to the brand, from the on-point marketing that caught your eye to the warranty card that comes with every watch. When […]

  • How to Find a Pawnbroker Near Me

    When you are looking for a pawnbroker, you may want to find one that’s near where you live or work, so you can swing by during your lunch break or visit them after work. However, not all pawnbrokers are equal and there are other elements to consider when finding a pawnbroker. Finding the right pawnbroker […]

  • ITV’s Million Pound Pawn

    Suttons and Robertsons Features in ITV’s New TV Show, Million Pound Pawn.

  • How to spot a fake Rolex in 5 minutes

    When you buy a luxury watch such as the the Rolex GMT-Master, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are getting a precision timepiece – fit for the purpose for which it has been designed. The GMT has been designed for its professional purpose with the ability to display different time zones. In […]

  • A Short Term Solution for Your Cashflow

    The implications of the great bank crash of 2008 still reverberate around the world – while some longstanding financial institutions crumbled to the ground, others clung on for dear life. The domino effect, that had started in the financial sector, tore through industry and commerce changing business practices forever. While large corporations began to shed […]

  • Auction and how they help the Pawnbroker

    One of the sources that we at Suttons and Robertsons at our central London based pawnbroking store use to verify prices is the auction results. The results not only give an indication of prices but can give many an interesting story. The story behind the most expensive Rolex ever bought at auction All eyes were […]

  • The rise and rise of pawnbroking

    Pawnbroking is proving to be the go-to solution for short term loans, without having to result to sky-high loans or unregulated lenders. The concept behind pawnbroking is simple – and it has been working for borrowers for hundreds if not thousands of years. Central London pawnbrokers, Suttons and Robertsons, take us through the simple loan […]