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    The Cartier LOVE bracelet is an exceptional piece of jewellery and is one of the most highly searched-for pieces on the internet. Part of a wider collection that includes the Cartier LOVE ring and the Cartier LOVE wedding band, the concept behind LOVE is intriguing and it sets itself apart from other luxury jewellery. Often […]

  • Rolex Shortage Pushes Up Prices

    The Swiss watch super brand, Rolex, is facing shortages across many models, driving up prices on the pre-owned market. There is a Rolex supply issue across many models, including a Rolex stainless steel sport watch shortage and it’s tempting to pin the problem on the pandemic; however, there’s more to the shortage than simply the […]

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    The luxury watch market is in ascendance, with prices rocketing for both new and pre-owned models. A recent Deloitte report from October 2021 states that pre-owned luxury watches are increasingly sought-after, with almost one-in-three buyers planning to purchase one over the next year. If you’ve already got a luxury watch that you might be interested […]

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    Aston Martin’s history flows through the last century like a golden thread that ties together some of the most quintessentially British successes – fast cars, superlative design, motor racing and Bond, James Bond. It’s hard to imagine that this classic car brand started life in a small London workshop, but its humble beginnings belie the […]

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    The history of Cartier takes us on a fascinating journey back through a timeline of modern Europe – Cartier’s story intertwines with so many important events and figures in popular culture that it’s clear to see why Cartier is such a coveted brand, beloved by so many. The Cartier History When Louis-Francois Cartier took over […]

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    Giant Gems Sold at Auction Stunning, staggeringly expensive and intensely beautiful, here’s the Suttons and Robertsons’ guide to the most expensive pieces of jewellery ever sold at auction, in reverse order. 9. The Winston Blue In 2014, the Winston Blue was bought from an anonymous seller by Harry Winston Inc. for a staggering $23.8 million […]

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  • Everything You Need to Know About the Rolex Daytona

    Not only has Suttons and Robertsons charted the rise and rise of Rolex, the king of watches, but we’ve also watched the increasingly stellar performance of the Rolex Daytona.  The Daytona emerged as the must-have Rolex, with long waiting lists for new models and outlandish performances at auction, including the Paul Newman Daytona which holds […]